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MWC Soccer Interesting Look at Older Posts

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MWC Soccer Interesting Look at Older Posts

Post by kickit on Sat Feb 20, 2010 6:51 pm

Was reading some posts from the beginnig of last season and saw a couple of posts from "No worries". One of his posts mentioned about looking out for a MWC team to be an upsetter and spoiler to someones season. Well we saw this happen.

Another post mentioned an exodus from the Ripon Soccer if the new coach did not have a change in his coaching style and character. From rumors coming out of Ripon College it seems this has come true also. Heard that starting goalie quit during season and at least 4 other starters not returning for next season. Grapevine has it related to Ripons Soccer Coach and a few more may are on the bubble.

Feel bad for Ripon Players, seems that they could have used last season as a spring board.


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Re: MWC Soccer Interesting Look at Older Posts

Post by drago on Sat Feb 20, 2010 7:02 pm

That is not good news at all. I thought Ripon lined up some really solid athletes last year. They had a few good results and any kind of luck and they might have gotten a tournament bid.

i honestly thought this year might be the year they join the ranks of the other players.

I know Kulas (their outside defender) pretty well. he's made really nice strides, i'll have to see what i can dig up from him.

Thanks for the update.

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MWC Looking Stronger

Post by fisher581 on Sat Feb 27, 2010 9:46 pm

If this is true, it is disappointing but not surprising, as I also had posted last year, "which MWC teams could make a splash this year". I stated that Ripon would only be one of those teams, if the current coaching staff was not in place, and as “no worries” stated, if there was not an exodus.

I will get an early start on this season’s predictions and say that Carroll will be the top dog with Beloit coming of age to take the next seating. I will not go any further into predicting, but figure Carroll, Beloit, St, Norbert’s and Grinnell will be able to recruit and strengthen their teams. Feel Ripon will be one of the bottom two, unable to recruit due to their coaching situation. Even though they have lost a starting goalie and 4 starters, they still have some impressive returning talent and could be strong defensively (if defensive players did not leave). Unfortunately, (as Drago (I think) stated, D3 teams need to cultivate those diamonds in the rough) Ripon’s coach is unable to judge talent and reading between the lines, has probably lost the respect of the team.

The MWC should be fun to watch this season with many of the teams getting stronger and there should be many great matches.


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Re: MWC Soccer Interesting Look at Older Posts

Post by Ollie Octagon on Sun Feb 28, 2010 1:03 pm

Some schools always have trouble retaining their kids through the years. If I am not mistaken, Illinois College has rarely kept a squad through three years, let alone four.

It's hard enough to win at the college level, even harder when you are playing with mostly underclassmen. So many coaches think they are Booby Knight and can act however they want in regards to their treatment of the kids. Of all the people involved in the program, the coahes need to be the ones willing to change their style or approach.

Good luck to Ripon, I hope for their sake these reports are false.
Ollie Octagon
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Re: MWC Soccer Interesting Look at Older Posts

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